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Three Trees

Three Trees is a Healer, Teacher, Musician, Artist and the creator of 'SoulMonic™ Sound Healing'. He holds a passion for deepening our connection to the Sacred through music and understanding the mysteries of sound and rhythm as a healing modality for all levels of being. Following this path for the last 17 years as a sound healing practitioner and teacher (as well as being a craftsman of drums, didgeridoos, and native flutes), gives Three Trees a unique and profound understanding of the relationship between Sound, Rhythm, Intention and Sacred Connection.  His joyful passion and Divine calling is to share this vast knowledge, in loving service, as he incorporates the music and wisdom from many indigenous traditions around the world while integrating the emerging science of sound healing/vibrational therapy. A resident of Sedona, AZ for the last 15 years, Three Trees has become internationally recognized for his workshops and SoulMonic™ Sound Healing, as well as for his performances and music ceremonies at many conferences, retreats and events.


Amber Brovelli

Amber Brovelli of SUPERfood Teahouse is a Tantrika Yogi Naturalist who has trained extensively with a diversity of yogis, dancers, herbalist, holistic health practitioners, shamans, biologists, permaculturalists, nutritionists and energy healers from North & South America, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Masterfully, she weaves a lifetime of experiences to empower others to embody their Highest-Self and Sustainable Community Kinship. She believes integrating the natural world of presence, spirit and science to be the foundation in nurturing a holistic lifeway and experiencing sensational awareness. Amber is an Arizona native who continues her practice locally in Sedona.